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Expert Wasp Nest Removal Services

With a team of licensed and experienced technicians, our commitment lies in swiftly addressing wasp infestations to safeguard the safety and well-being of our clients. We adeptly tackle the distinct challenges presented by wasps and the associated health risks they pose.


Undergoing the sting of a wasp or bee carries not only immediate discomfort but, for individuals with allergies, potential peril. Nonetheless, adopting prudent measures while venturing outdoors can significantly mitigate these hazards through effective oversight of nests.

Often, wasps are erroneously identified as bees, further complicating their distinction from other venomous insects. 

These creatures are infamous for establishing their colonies in locales frequented by humans — such as decks and house eaves, though they can also remain unnoticed in attics or lofts until the onset of spring.

With the arrival of spring, marked by longer days and warmer climes, queen wasps awaken from their dormant state to initiate the construction of their nests, a process that accelerates with the emergence of worker wasps as the season transitions into summer. During these warmer months, wasps exhibit heightened activity. In the UK, the Common Wasp and German Wasp are particularly notorious for their vexatious presence and the agonizing stings they can inflict. Despite their conspicuous yellow and black markings, distinguishing them from hornets remains a challenge.

Only the female wasp is equipped with a sting, which she can deploy multiple times in defense if perceived to be under threat. Addressing a wasp problem at its source — the nest — often represents the most effective strategy to curb the likelihood of stings. 

Understanding Wasps and Their Nests

Only female wasps can sting, and they can do it more than once if they feel threatened. Usually, a wasp sting doesn’t cause lasting harm, but it can be very dangerous for people who are allergic to stings. Getting rid of a wasp nest is the best way to handle a wasp problem and lower the chance of getting stung.

Wasps like to build their nests in sheltered spots outside, like under the edges of roofs or, if they can get inside, in places like:

  • Inside walls
  • Roof areas
  • Attics and lofts
  • Inside garages

How long a wasp lives depends on its type, but worker wasps usually live between 12-22 days, while a queen can live for a year.

Wasps are social and build colonies based on their mating success. Since wasps live to mate and have babies, those that don’t mate will die off by the end of summer or early fall. This means they die because they are alone.

If you find a nest early enough in spring, you might be able to remove it yourself with wasp removal products, but there’s always a risk of getting stung.

You Can Check here how to identify if you have a wasp nest

Recon's Expert Wasp Removal Service

Wasps can become aggressive and may attack in large groups if their nest is disturbed. To reduce the risk of stings, it’s wise to address a wasp nest early in the year, before their numbers grow and they become more aggressive.

Recon offers a fast and safe solution to eliminate your wasp problem:

  • Quick Service Guarantee: We ensure treatment within 1 working days, with an option for same-day service if booked early.

  • Efficient Treatment: Our BPCA certified technicians need just one visit, to effectively treat a wasp nest.

  • Easy Online Booking: You can schedule a wasp treatment online making it convenient to get the help you need.

With Recon, you can quickly and safely get rid of wasps and enjoy a peaceful, sting-free environment.


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Wasp Removal Questions

We’re quick to help with wasp problems, promising to get to you within 2 working days. If you need us ASAP, we can do same-day visits if you book early enough.

Our team is trained and certified by the British Pest Control Association (BPCA) And the RSPH Level 2 so they know exactly how to handle wasp nests safely and efficiently.

It usually takes just one quick visit, about 30 to 45 minutes, to treat a wasp nest. We aim to get it done fast so you can get back to your day. The Activity will stop within 24-48 Hours post treatment

Yes, you can book our wasp treatment service online . It’s an easy way to schedule a visit during the busiest wasp months.

Wasp nest treatment ranging from £90 – £185 depending on the accsess available, Species of wasps

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