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 Introducing our comprehensive Manchester bird control services, thoughtfully crafted for both commercial and residential.

Our expertise extends to diverse sites, from industrial landscapes to bustling shopping centers, ensuring a feather-free environment.

We specialize in Bird Netting, Bird Spikes, Solar Panel Proofing, Nest Removals, and Fouling Cleaning services.

To achieve effective bird control for your specific needs, James will conduct a thorough site survey.

 Then we can recommend and implement bird deterrent measures with precision, providing an answer to your bird control concerns.

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Bird Control Spiking

Our Work

Didsbury, Manchester

Solar Panel Proofing Job, No Scaffolding Required. Lower Costs & Fast Turn Around

Sale, Manchester

Seamless Solar Panel Spikes. Bearly visible, No Scaffolding required

Stockport, North-West

Residential Bird proofing usining netting

Commercial Site , North - West

Commercial Bird Control using nets on a commercial building roof.

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  1. Bird Droppings: Frequent bird droppings on and around your roof are a clear indicator.
  2. Nesting Materials: Finding twigs, leaves, and feathers on the roof or in gutters.
  3. Noises: Sounds of birds, such as chirping or flapping wings, especially during early morning or dusk.
  4. Damaged Shingles: Birds may peck at roofing materials, causing visible damage or loose shingles.
  5. Blocked Gutters or Drains: Nests and debris from birds can clog gutters and drains.
  6. Visual Sightings: Regularly seeing birds perched on your roof or flying around it.

The expense for bird proofing varies significantly, influenced by these factors:

  • The extent of the area needs proofing & The Size of the Infestation
  • The chosen bird deterrent methods (e.g., spikes, netting, acoustic systems)
  • The complexity of installation, like  location of the infestation and if any acsess equipment is needed

Costs can start from a few hundred pounds for simpler, smaller-scale jobs and can go up to a few thousand for more extensive and intricate installations. For an accurate cost assessment tailored to your particular situation, it’s recommended to obtain a personalized quote from a professional bird proofing service.

The effectiveness of ultrasonic scaring devices for birds is questionable, as birds may not hear ultrasonic frequencies. More reliable methods include visual deterrents, physical barriers, and audible distress calls. A combination of deterrent techniques is usually more effective for bird control.

To remove birds nesting under solar panels, the following steps are most effective:

  1. Install Bird Mesh or Netting: This prevents birds from accessing the area under the panels.
  2. Use Bird Spikes: Placing these along the edges of solar panels can deter birds from landing.
  3. Apply Reflective Tapes or Decoys: Birds are often scared away by reflective surfaces or predator decoys.
  4. Regularly Clean the Area: Remove any nesting materials and keep the space clean to discourage birds from returning.
  5. Consult a Professional: If the problem persists, seek help from a Pest control expert.





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